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O-MOBILE Multimedia Limited (UK) is a UK company with a special focus on providing innovative Solutions to bridge the divide between top and bottom‐of‐the‐pyramid markets in Nigeria, in particular, and Africa in general. We focus our energies on businesses and institutions interested in and capable of tapping into the fortunes at the bottom of the economic pyramid. We do this by developing and automating methodologies, structures and systems that enable organizations and enterprises to reach the mass of individuals and organizations that do not have the
scale to obtain such from conventional establishments.

O-MOBILE Multimedia Limited (UK) was incorporated April 2017 as a limited liability company in UK to carry out general business in
consultancy and information technology.

With the Vision “To Be A Bottom Of The Pyramid Development Champion with 20 Million Enlightened Small Entrepreneurs Using Automated Business Processes in Africa By the year 2020”.

Our Mission is “To Develop Structures, Cultures, Methodologies and Systems for Small Business Process Automation In Africa”


The Company O-Mobile BANKING Limited

O-MOBILE BANKING LIMITED is an initiative of Benjamin Aduli, Mr Gavin Tokely O-Mobile Multimedia Nig Limited and O-MOBILE Multimedia UK Limited, and it is being spurn‐off to allow for investment and accommodation of the interests of several key stakeholders. The primary object of the company is to provide cloud Agency Banking, remote Agency collection system and other key software applications to Bottom Of The Pyramid Interested Commercial Banks, other Bottom Of The Pyramid Interested Financial Institutions including Cooperatives, Mortgage Institution, Microfinance Banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria and Africa. The cloud Agency services will avail the Banks the critical mass and scalability of their ICT/MIS infrastructure to effectively and transparently provide excellent services to their clients. It is a known fact that one of the critical challenges of small financial institutions is the huge cost of serving their remote, dispersed and small‐measured transactions clients. A world class Rural and Urban ICT/MIS Infrastructure of the nature provided by O-MOBILE BANKING LIMITED will ensure that both small and large banks can provide competitive banking services to new set of clients, cost‐effectively and profitably.