Technical & Technology Partnerships

Micro Banking software system and internet banking channel MFIFlex Information Systems Ltd. is a USA and India managed software house, which specializes in development and support of software for financial institutions, offering multi-branch, multi-currency and multi-lingual banking systems with a large variety of modules.

MFIFlex was formed in 1988 by a team of software and banking professionals under the name of BankFom Consultants. In the year 2000, MFIFlex was registered in USA and India and the company moved to the new head quarters in Centre Point Tower in India. Since it has provided innovative and tailor-made software solutions for local and international banks and established itself as the local market leader for banking software solutions and services.

Netcom Africa Limited is a leading communication infrastructure provider of satellite and wireless broadband solutions in West Africa. Their communications product suite is best in class using the latest generation technologies in satellite communications and supported 24/7 by some of the most experienced customer support and technical engineers in the industry.

Netcom Africa will provide communications solutions for all client banks and branch locations on the O-MobileBanking™ network.

Arius Solutions will provide a Transaction Management and ASOFT switching system on a Lease infrastructure basis according to specification approved by OMobileBanking™  and its client financial institutions. Deploy its POS terminals at all client financial institutions outlets or merchant/agents outlets across the Territory; manage the smart card transaction both on and off line throughout its life cycle; Provide Biometric solution for O-MobileBanking™ Platform; Provide interconnection to other switches in Nigeria through ASOFT interface; Provide a PIN Management system for vending airtime; Provide a Kiosk Management system; Provide a Bill Top Up Management System for Utilities and OMobileBanking™ Member Telco’s

3 Line was set up in 2005 to design, build, operate a world-class card management cloud payments and related infrastructure and services in Nigeria, Africa and globally. A key advantage of 3line over the existing payment and smartcard solutions is the ability to effect transactions without communicating to any remote device. 3 Line will be the default platform and issuer of the freedom cards. They have currently signed an MOU with 13 commercial banks to issue cards on their behalf.

VT Leasing Limited is one of the foremost leading leasing companies in Nigeria. It was incorporated in June 1989 to engage in the business of equipment leasing. Some of VT Leasing clients include Mobil Nigeria Limited, SCOA, Elf (Nigeria) Limited, Guaranty Trust Bank, Lion of Africa Insurance Company Limited, Hyundai Heavy Industries Nigeria Limited, MTN Communication Nigeria Limited, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Guinness Nigeria Plc, Cadbury Nigeria Plc and Nigerian Breweries Plc, among many others.

VT Leasing will provide leasing facility for member MFBs for the roll out of ATMs across the platform, country-wide

Robert-Johnson Technologies Limited is a subsidiary of Robert Johnson Nigeria Limited, an e-Banking Technology Company specializing in the Financial Self-Service sector and Banking Automation with special emphasis on Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Point-of-Sales (POS), Card Management System (CMS), EFT/POS Terminal Management System (TMS) and other Allied Technology Solutions.

Saleforce is a USA based provider of Cloud Computing Platform operating since 2000.

Saleforce is co-operating with O-MobileBanking™ to provide its technologies and services to enable MFBs deliver high quality banking services to the unbanked population in Nigeria.