Cloud Agency Banking Services (Banking Software As A Service and Business Applications)

With the completion of ICT/MIS infrastructure design and implementation (LAN & WAN networks and supporting tools) and Data Migration, the next service offered MFBs is the service that enable MFBs access their clients and business data and applications over the networks on the O-MobileBanking™ Platform. Cloud Agency Banking Software and other Business and Communications applications are offered as a singular service to member-MFBs.

This service ensure MFBs can issue cards, open/close accounts, authorized/decline payments, identify clients/accounts, ascertain transaction history, account for and general manage/maintain clients details and accounts.

The O-MobileBanking™ Cloud Service is built on several 3rd party platforms and networks, deriving the benefits of decades of experiences of these partners in providing international class services to the MFBs, Merchants and their clients.