Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation for MFBs

O-MobileBanking™ will provide ICT/MIS Infrastructure design and implementation services to its member-Microfinance Banks.

The ICT/MIS infrastructure design will be based on international best practices that will ensure that the MFBs enjoy the benefits of latest technology, methodology and applications. The end result of the ICT/MIS design will be to achieve seamless integration with the O-MobileBanking™ platform and supporting networks so the MFBs can best meet the demand of their clients.

Our design philosophy, engineering framework and professionals will continue to provide support to the O-MobileBanking™ member-MFBs. This service is available participating MFBs at the startup stage of the platform without cost or charge. Subsequent year will witness income generation from the services to new MFBs coming on the platform.